Flexible Summer Programming

2018 Summer Camp Registration Form

Summer Camp Themes

Must have attended Kindergarten in 2017/18 to be able to quality for the Summer Camp Programs.

Week 1 – June 25th-29th

Challenge Week – A full week of challenging your body and mind!  Rope courses, team initiatives, capture the flag, and obstacle courses

Week 2 – July 3rd-6th *July 2nd is Canada Day (this is a 4 day camp)

Little Inventors Week – With new challenges comes solutions!  Join us for a week full of solving problems in innovative ways!  From building mouse traps to creating new games, this week will be filled with experimentation and imagination!

Week 3 – July 9th-13th

Exploring Space Week – Creating spaceships and water rockets, this week will be fun and educational.  We will be taking a look inside our solar system and vising the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.

Week 4 – July 16th-20th

Amazing Race (Glebe) Edition – There will be several challenges set up each day and the teams will have to compete against each other in all of them.  We will be racing around the Glebe, beaches and parks in Ottawa adding in detours along the way.  On Friday, each team will put their pictures and videos together to show the other teams their adventures for the week!  I wonder who will win?!  *Teams will be split into groups depending on the number of staff.  For example if there are 3 staff working, there will be 3 teams competing against each other.

Week 5 – July 23rd-27th

A Bugs Life – Exploring all about insects, gardens and the use of organic fertilizers.  We will have a guest speaker from BUGS (Bytowne Urban Gardens) coming in to teach us about sustainable food production and what flowers/plants repel different insects.

Week 6 – July 30th-August 3rd

Pirates Week – X marks the spot!  This week we will be creating treasure maps and going on a treasure hunt around the Glebe.  Let’s see if we can find the treasure by the end of the week.  We will also be visiting the currency museum and the MINT to see different types of money and to see how money is made.  I wonder if anyone can pick up the gold bar at the MINT?  Come join us for “Pirates Adventures” at Mooney’s Bay!

Week 7 – August 7th-10th *August 6th is the Civic Holiday (this is a 4 day camp)

Fun & Fitness – A week filled with exploring healthy living and doing yoga on parliament Hill.  We will be going to the Canadian Museum of Nature to visit “Brain the Inside Story” exhibit.

Week 8 – August 13-17th

Olympics Week – Daily competition, judges, referees and exploring all about the present and past Olympics.  Creating flags, carrying the “torch” and of course recreating Olympic games!

Week 9 – August 20th-24th

Little Entrepreneur/building a business week – Create a Bakery Business, learn to borrow money to make an investment, create a product and sell it in order to pay back your investors and make a profit.  Have fun!

Week 10 – August 27th-29th *Acorn will be closed for Professional Development on August 30th and 31st (this is a 3 day camp)

Un-birthday week – A week filled with celebrating everyone’s birthday (when it’s not their birthday).  We will be going to the movies, bowling, beach, splash pad and more!  A birthday party for each day of the week!