Flexible Summer Programming

Summer Camp 2022 Registration Form


Weeks 1 (July 4th-8th) & 2 (July 11th-15th): All Things Art

A jam packed two weeks of sketching (pencil/colour pencils), painting (exploring mediums, acrylic and water based styles), clay, abstract vs realism. Art with a guest artist to be announced.

Weeks 3 (July 18th-22nd) & 4th (July 25th-29th): Exploring Space

How many stars are there anyway!!! And what do those constellations mean? How did they get their names? We will explore the sun, the stars, and the moon. who is taking a space visit today? Satellites and what is their function. Space junk and recycling.

A visit from a space engineer as well. So Much Fun!

Week 5S (August 2nd-5th): Sleepover – Camp (Closed August 2nd, Civic Holiday)

This year, 4 days, 3 nights of fun! We will learn all about Wilderness First Aid. Building a shelter, starting a fire, bandages, and splints. Learning to live off the garden and what is available. Crafts, darts, water fun, archery etc, etc, etc.

Weeks 5 (August 2nd-5th) & 6 (August 8th-12th): Career/Entrepreneur Week (Closed August 2nd, Civic Holiday)

What will I be when I grow up? We will explore a variety of careers, have special a special guest to talk about what they do, as well as start a business from finding an investor, taking out a loan and then the pay-off. Great fun!

Weeks 7 (August 15th-19th) & 8 (August 22nd-26th): Northern Exposure/Way Up North

Discussions and activities based on Inukshuks, food/clothing, language, dog sledding, the habitat with a guest to be announced. We will also talk about climate change and endangered animals. Another fun week of learning and fun!

Week 9 (August 29th-31st): Just Have Fun! (Closed September 1st and 2nd for Professional Development)

Splash Pad, Picnics, Baking Activities, Pizza and Movie Afternoons, Games and Art!