Flexible Summer Programming

Summer Camp 2021 Registration Form


Week 1:  June 28th – July 2nd (Closed July 1st, Canada Day) – Canada is Great!

Everything Red and White.  Making Strawberry Jam, ice cream, cake and things to celebrate Canada Day Week.

Week 2:  July 5th-9th – Indigenous Art

Introducing Metis artist, Christi Belcourt.  Featured on the cover of the December 2015 issue of Canadian Geographic, is a famous indigenous artist.  Belcourt’s acrylic paintings, based on beading traditions and floral patterns, captured the eye of no less than haute-couture fashion legend Valentino and her 2014 piece, The Wisdom of the Universe, won the Art Gallery of Ontario’s people’s choice award ahead of the likes of Emily Carr, Alex Colville and Aguste Rodin.  Her art is based on tradition, inspired by Nature.  We will follow her lead to make our own paintings. 

Week 3:  July 12th-16th – Little Entrepreneur Week

Campers will choose a business, build a business plan, choose what part of the business they will be in charge of (advertising, banker, employee, etc.).  This exercise helps children to understand the first steps in becoming an entrepreneur.  Leadership, math, organization skills are just some of the benefits of this week.

Week 4:  July 19th-23rd – Drumming Week

We will explore all aspects of drumming, the drums themselves, the language of drums, and how they are made.  We will have an outdoor guest drummer.

Week 5:  July 16th-30th – Pirate Week

Let’s all be pirates and find the treasure!  We will learn how to use a compass and to read a map, and of course, we will have to dress and talk like pirates.  It is sure to be a fun week full of surprises.

Week 6:  August 2nd-6th (Closed August 2nd, Civic Holiday)

Car Derby Week:  Build your own car, paint and decorate it for the final race.  Exploring aerodynamics, weights, ramps and a little competition.

Pioneer Camp & Sleepover Week:  Tentative – Numbers will be limited if allowed by Ottawa Public Health

Week 7:  August 9th-13th – Beyblades and Pokeman Week

History of Beyblades, building the best Beyblade, making cards, Beyblade contest.  So much fun for everyone.

Week 8:  August 16th-20th – Stone Age Week

We will travel back in time to the Stone Age Era where we will explore prehistoric dwellings, artifacts, jewellery, stone age tool, diets, games and story telling.  A trip to the Museum of History.

Week 9:  August 23rd-25th – (Closed August 26th and 27th for Professional Development)

Stone age week continued

Week 10:  August 30th to September 3rd – A Study of the Movie “Frozen”

Science with everything cold, warm and hot, music and song, connections to Ice Age and what happened to our world during that time (dinosaurs era emerging to mammals).  This will be a fun week!

Week 11:  September 7th and 8th – Having fun before school starts.