About Us

Welcome to Acorn Early Learning Centre

We provide developmentally appropriate and experiential programs for all children, while incorporating the principles of the Reggio Approach to Early Childhood Education.

We look forward to your partnership as its key in providing the best education and care for your children through best practice.

Acorn Early Learning Centre realizes the importance of good strong roots for tomorrow’s future.


Joanne Saunders, CECE.C invites you to come and visit Acorn Early Learning Centre, to enjoy the environment, to meet the team of dedicated Early Childhood Educators, to discuss your needs.

We are dedicated to the well-being and education of all children in our care. Our program includes circle/learning time, creative art exploration, dramatic play, literacy, activities to encourage large and small muscle development, music exploration, problem solving opportunities, cognitive play such as puzzles and building toys and parent committees.

The children enjoy mostly organic meals catered by a local company, The Red Apron.
Call us so that we may show you what we can offer you and your child.

– Joanne


This centre is the result of parents of the Glebe and Educators committed to the families of the Glebe coming together as partners and working toward a single dedicated goal: To create a place where children will have access to high quality education and care in an environment that welcomes, respects and understands this community.

While a location had been found, much renovation had to take place, as well as many inspections for the Day Nurseries License. In the interim, many families offered rooms in their homes to be schools, welcoming other families to bring their children where educators taught and continued their work.

From May 2008 through to October of 2008, educators and parents worked together until the centre was finally licensed and opened. Many of the rooms in the centre have been named and/or dedicated to these families as they were the pioneers who gave the centre its first breath of life.

The name “ACORN” was inspired by a friend of the Executive Director. After some investigation, we understand that when the first pioneers came to Ottawa, they cut down almost all of the oak and pine trees. Ottawa soon realized their mistake and has focused on replanting these very important trees for their strength, beauty and heritage. Acorn Early Learning Centre realizes the importance of good strong roots for tomorrow’s future and continues to work by providing high quality programs for children while supporting partnership with parents and community.

Meet our Executive Director

Joanne Saunders

Executive Director

My name is Miss Joanne (Joanne Saunders), Certified Early Childhood Educator and I have been in child care since 1978. I am a retired foster parent of 20 years and have adopted 3 children as well as having 3 biological children. My training has been in many different philosophies including The Reggio Philosophy of Early Education from Italy. I have been on the Board of Directors for The Association of Early Childhood Education for 10 years in which I have been President, have taught Early Childhood Education in the Continuing Education at Algonquin College, have advocated for services for families at many different venues and remain committed to serving children and families in whatever way I can.

Acorn Early Learning Centre is my dream come true. I am thankful to the dedicated staff who have joined me as well as to the parents who have helped in so many ways. Acorn is truly a place for all of us and I look forward to proving that.

Many Smiles,
Miss Joanne