Acorn Children Raise $3,200 for Haiti and Glebe Avenue Fire Fund

One of the goals for children attending Acorn Early Learning Centre is to give them opportunities and experiences that will help them to understand our responsibilities to humanity outside of the school, specifically those in need.

Lately and sadly, two such groups have been in the headlines that needed our help:

– the earthquake in Haiti which has left that country in such devastation;

– those who have been left homeless due to the fire on Glebe Avenue.

When the children wondered what they could do to help, we decided to have a “Lap-a-thon” in the preschool.  All of the children would be involved.  Lapping, otherwise known as running the squasre in the large hallways at Acorn, is part of the noraml day for the children.

January 25-29, lappig became part of a fundraiser in which the children got sponsors for the number of laps they could do in one half hour.  The response was overwhleming.  They raised over $3,200 which will be split between the Red Cross for Haiti and the Glebe Avenue Fire Fund.  The laps run by all of the children (some as young as 14 months old) totalled 961 which equates to 72 km.  To put that into perspective, they would have made it just past Brokville in a relay race.  We are so proud of them for the achievements, and they are so proud to help.

Acorn Early Learning Centre woud like to extend its gratitute to all of the familes and friends who sponsored the children for this “Lap-a-thon.”  It is truly a “moment of magic” that only happens when everyone becomes part of a larger family. Thank you and many hugs to all.  Acorn Early Learning Centre.