Health Policy

In order to enroll in the Acorn ELC, each child is required by the Childcare and Early Years Act and the Health Department to provide a doctor’s report showing evidence of up-to-date immunization.

Vigilance about health matters is critical in a day care centre. The health of all the children depends on the co-operation of all parents/guardians and staff based on the current health standards.

Sending a sick child to daycare jeopardizes not only that child’s health, but also that of the others in the daycare. It is imperative therefore, that parents/guardians plan for alternative care for their sick child. Parents/guardians are encouraged to keep us informed and up-to-date about any concerns they may have with respect to their child’s health.

The following are some important health policies that will protect the child as well as the health of other members of the daycare:

  • The parent/guardian is required to phone the daycare when a child is absent due to illness.
  • If staff considers a child too sick to be exposed to the other children, the parent will be informed and asked to pick up the child. This includes symptoms of a severe cold such as chronic cough.
  • The parent/guardian of a child with a high fever will be asked to pick him/her up immediately.
  • A child with a communicable disease will not be accepted into the centre and will not be accepted back without a doctor’s note or in accordance with the Health Department guidelines.
  • A child who is vomiting or has diarrhoea will not be accepted into the centre for 24 hours after the illness has ceased.
  • A child having been diagnosed with head lice will be immediately sent home for treatment of the condition and will be advised of our lice policy as outlined by the Health Department.