Park Party Success 2012

I would like to take this moment to extend a huge thank you to all who came to The Glebe Memorial Park on such a rainy day. We made $360 for the Lotus Centre for Special Music Education. Erin Parkes gladly accepted this donation on Sunday, June 17th. It will help to purchase musical instruments and sensory items for their children (clients).

We also made new friends, had soaked children who experienced not only the water coming down from the sky, but water coming up from the splash pad (really wet children…) and lots of fun. Many of you have already thanked staff for making this a memorable occasion on their time off. They organized games, did face painting and took care of the food. Now, we at Acorn would like to say “Thanks!” for all your support, not only on Saturday, but throughout the year.

We have a great family here at Acorn!!!

Many thanks,

Miss Jo