Piano Lessons

Acorn is pleased to announce on-site piano lessons with Miss Lisa. Please see her biography on our website. It is great!!!

She would be totally employed by you as parents. Acorn will provide the space. She would pick up your child from their classroom and bring them to the “Piano Room” which is presently also the “Choir and Music Room”. Classes will be on Mondays or Thursdays. When the lesson is over, she will take them back to their classroom. If your child does not attend on either of these days, you are welcome to bring them for their lesson. You are also welcome to stay for the lesson. Sessions will run usually for three months.

This is something that Acorn has always wanted to do, and now that we have a chance to make this happen, I hope that you will take advantage of this awesome opportunity. As we are all aware, music has always been proven to have a positive affect on brain development and I hope that playing the piano will become a life-long love.