Flexible Summer Programming

Summer Camp 2023 Registration Form


Week 1 (July 4th-7th): Body Break and Dance Class (Closed July 3rd)

This Move It, Move It Class will be so much fun with music that you can dance to! Dance party on the Friday.

Week 2 (July 10th-14th): Art Exploration

Paint Night Style. All participants will have a product to be proud of by the end of the week.

Week 3 (July 17th-21st): Jewelry Camp

Jewelry Camp using the most unlikely materials. Participants will also use clay to create their own identify amulet.

Week 4 (July 24th-28th): Drama Camp

Lights, Camera and Action. Participants will have a chance to create a production with a show for the rest of the children on the Friday. So Much Fun!

Week 5 (July 31st-August 4th): Entrepreneur Camp

For those children who hope to start a briskness later on, let their leadership show through. They will have a financial start up fund, and will be able to learn budgets, understand the work that goes into the business and then see a profit to spend as they please.

Week 6S (August 8th-11th): Sleepover Pioneer Camp (Closed August 7th, Civic Holiday)

Let’s live outdoors with no electronics, pick our food, cook over a fire, have campfire events every evening, outdoor movie night, etc, etc. So Much Fun!

Week 6 (August 8th-11): Pirates and Treasure Camp (Closed August 7th, Civic Holiday)

Let’s make a treasure map and find that treasure!

Week 7 (August 14th-18th): Cooking Camp

Participants will learn how to cook soup and make bread using seasonal vegetables, as well as a fruit dessert, again using seasonal fruit.

Week 8 (August 21st-25th): Water and Gardens

Participants will visit the many water functions in the Glebe, as well as visit our community garden for the harvest.

Week 9 (August 28th-30th): Craft Week (Closed August 31st and September 1st for Professional Development)

Participants will enjoy making anything they want to with some organized crafts.